About NCMF

About Nor-Cal Metal Fabricators 

Nor-Cal Metal Fabricators was founded in 1953. Located in Oakland, California, we have a 96,000-square-foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and 40,000 square feet of yard and outdoor storage.

Nor-Cal began as a custom fabricator, providing parts to other industries, and expanded into heavy and structural plate forming and telecom central office iron. With the heaviest rolling capacity in Northern California, we provide rolled angles and plates for a wide range of customers. Our fabrication division continues to make custom parts for the architectural, construction, food processing, manufacturing, marine, medical, and signage industries. And we have years of production run, contract-manufacturing experience in industries from defense and trucking, to semi-conductor.
Metal Laser Cutting Oakland, CA

Industry Leading Services

Nor-Cal is the West’s leading maker of telecom structural support material. We made our first telecom parts for Western Electric almost 40 years ago. Our popular “NC” product line was designed and manufactured working closely with Pacific Bell engineers. Today we make more than 1,500 items, including cable racks, framing channel, brackets, bracing, fiber optic raceways, stanchions, main distribution frames, and clips.

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